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Archicad object in cinema 4d trouble


I made this fence in Archicad out of columns and morphs then turned it into an object before exporting it with the rest of the model to Cinema 4d.  The fence was painted white in Archicad, however, in Cinema 4D, it shows up in two tones.  Even after putting new Cinema 4D material paint on it it still does the same.  

Would anyone know how to fix this?

I am new to Cinema 4D and pretty amateur with Archicad!!  




Try deleting or adjusting the phong tagg off the object:


How did you connect archicad with c4d?. Could be a bad exporter.  I use the din3d plugin:

There is a trial available (exporter is free, importer is €39).

This plugin usually makes the object with correct phong tags and settings.  I also recognizes objects and converts them (if wanted) into instances, this makes it easy to replace them by detailed object eg... for trees etc...



Apple M1 Max 32 GB Ventura

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