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Best rendering software for Archicad Architectural?

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Hello all, I work for a high profile architectural firm in NZ
we are looking at upgrading to a new visualisation software for presentations of our mid-high end architectural projects

We currently use the latest Archicad and we are using Artlantis studio 4.1
but arent impressed by the latest offerings from artlantis 5 of the upcoming 6 as rendering times appear to be even longer in each subsequant version

We came across Lumion 3D and thought it looked like a good option for us.

Also had a look at Unity

We currently use artlantis 4.1 to produce Photorenders + Animations
as well as the VR object (not many programs allow the use of a VR)
however we could look at dropping that feature for breathtaking realistic movies.

Currently Artlantis is taking 4days(on a single high spec machine) to render a 1280x720 with Low Anti-Aliasing (ideally we like to use high but dont due to time constraints) and Normal Radiosity (also as opposed to high)
To produce a 1min 40sec single path movie animation

And up to 1hr to produce (15mins at best) a 4K Photorendered Perspective
3840x210 (200dpi) High-Antialiasing, Normal Radiosity

attached is the latest renders I have completed on our last project
to give you an idea on scale and complexity of our projects

Ideally we are wanting something that is more realistic in terms of lighting
and also good more realistic tress cars people & objects
but also something that takes a bit less time to render if possible.

Has anyone used Lumion in conjunction wtih Archicad that has any feedback about it like how long rendering takes? or any other preferred software?


ejrolon wrote:
Cinema4D is the software from which Cinerender comes from.
Thank you Eduardo! BTW, great projects on your website.
Robert Mariani
MARIANI design studio, PLLC
Architecture / Architectural Photography

Mac OSX 13.1
AC 24 / 25 / 26

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