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CineRender images are too hazy??

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Hello and Best to all,

Not sure how or what I did to cause this, but for some reason
all my renderings are now too hazy. It's like the house is filled
with smoke. If you go to my web site:


on the first page scroll down
to the Makas residence and there are renderings that show both
clear and hazy renderings.
I've gone through all the settings, but can't find how to fix this.

Thanks so much in advance for any help in getting this fixed!

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Did you went through the lights settings as wall? and I mean the lamp object, not the light settings in the render settings, because the General light sources have the ability to be volumetric light which could give you this effect.
David Maudlin

One thing to check, change to Detailed Settings, then look at Effects > Distance Fog.

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Sorry that I didn't reply until now. 80+ hours in CineRender can make one appallingly lacking in social graces. Please pardon me.
Yes, the advice worked - it is the visible light control in the lamp selection settings. Thanks so much even though I'll be spending inordinate amounts of
time fixing and replacing each rendering. It's important methinks.

Here's another one I can't seem to figure out and you may have to visit
my website to see what I'm talking about.
Scroll down on the projects overview page to the Makas residence and then maybe 10 renderings further down.
There is a blue hue to everything
in the sunlight - I'm letting this one go as it could be argued that I wanted
the effect of early morning even though the sun angel is at 30 to 45 degrees...Ugh.
Then there is another problem - some of the doors disappear when seen thru glass. A good example can be seen in one of the renderings of the front of the house. There are a couple that show the alignment of the 3' wide hallway glazing and the laundry room just to the right of the garage.
there are two full light french doors on the laundry room that disappear in the renderings. Same thing with the 12' tall 35' wide living room pocket sliders when viewed thru the house from the entry side.
Also, spot light housings and laundry machines don't show through the glass.

I'm sure it's a simple fix, but I will not be going back over all these.

Happy rendering to all.

Best regards, Jonathan
Barry Kelly
Visibility through glass has cropped up here a few times - just a few days ago in fact.
This should help.

As for the blue hue this may well be you sun colour.
You can adjust the colour by choosing a different pre-set sky or more accurately by going into the Detailed Settings > Environment > Physical Sky > Sun.

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Thanks everyone! All your suggestions worked and I have begun the arduous
task of updating each rendering for the Makas residence on my website.
Might leave some as is though.

So, among the suggestions that worked very well are:
Things vanishing when seen thru glass.
Set Ray threshold to 20
Ray depth to 11
Reflection depth to 6
These settings worked great for me

Blue hue bathing everything in sunlight.
Selecting one of the preset clouds (weather preset under Physical Sky.
This solved this problem.

Hazy images.

Selecting all lamps and changing visible light to 0

I saved these settings in the Scene drop down and am
changing each view as I go. the render safe size is the only other setting I'm
having to do with each scene - it's not stored with the scene.

Thanks so much to all!
CineRender can be a frustrating place and a real time eating black hole
if you don't get some help.
Best to all, Jonathan
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