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Get Your Free Twinmotion 2021

Emoke Csikos

What is Twinmotion? It is a cutting-edge, real-time rendering software developed by Epic Games perfect for architectural visualization. Read more about it here.

Archicad full license owners with an active SSA (Software Service Agreement) can acquire a Twinmotion 2021 license for free until December 31, 2021.

This offer does not apply for customers using Archicad Solo.
Learn more about Archicad license types in this article.

Ar you already using Twinmotion 2020? You’re entitled to a free upgrade!

Step by Step Guide to Activate Free Twinmotion 2021 License for Archicad users

This guide is based on the original article of SIMBIM, GRAPHISOFT's Spanish distributor.

1. Click to Sign in/up with your GRAPHISOFT ID

Open your browser and navigate to Twinmotion page on GRAPHISOFT's website.


Sign in with your GRAPHISOFT ID or Sign Up if you don’t have a GRAPHISOFT ID yet.

After you are signed in, you should see the following information on your screen:


However, if you are not eligible to receive a free Twinmotion 2021 license, you will see the following information on your screen. If you think you should be eligible, reach out to your local Archicad distributor.

2. Connect your Archicad license to your GRAPHISOFT ID (if it is not yet connected)

Since you are an Archicad user, your Archicad license is probably already linked to your GRAPHISOFT ID. If it is not, follow these steps to connect it: 

1. Open Archicad and any project in it, or start a new one.
2. Go to Help menu and select License Information.
3. Click on Connect GRAPHISOFT ID with License. (If your license is already connected, this is greyed out.)
4. A dialog box opens, then sign in with your GRAPHISOFT ID.


NOTE: If your license is already connected to your GRAPHISOFT ID, you will receive the following message. (If not, then the message will ask you to enter your company information).


5. Success, Click OK, go back to the browser and refresh the webpage.

3. Sign in/up at Epic Games and get your FREE license

1. Click on Sign in at Epic Games to obtain your free Twinmotion 2021 license.


2. Sign in to your Epic account, enter your credentials (if you do not have an account, click on Sign Up to create a new account.)


NOTE: During this process, you may be asked to allow GRAPHISOFT to access your Epic Games account. Click on Allow. 


3. After this step, you should see the following information that is confirming, that your Twinmotion license is ready:


4. Go to Twinmotion website and click on Get Started Now.


5. Click on Buy Now. (You will either see zero price or it will directly take you to the download page without asking you to pay.) 


6. Accept the End User License Agreement of Epic Games, and we also recommend to accept to receive Epic Games news and updates. 


7. Download Epic Games Launcher. It is a small application that helps you download and install Twinmotion. 

4. Install Twinmotion 2021

1. Install and open Epic Games Launcher.

2. Sign in to your Epic Games account. 


3. Go to Twinmotion menu on the top.


4. Click on Install.


5. Choose where to install Twinmotion. (If you have SSD, fusion drive, or any type of partition with a hard disk drive faster than magnetic hard disks, then it is recommended to install Twinmotion on your higher performance partition.)


6. It will take some time to install the program. (It depends on your internet speed and computer performance.) When the installation finished, you will see the following, where you can launch Twinmotion:


7. Congratulations! Now you are a proud owner of a Twinmotion 2021 license.

5. Download the Direct Link plugins for Archicad

1. On the Twinmotion tab in the Epic Games launcher, scroll down to the bottom and click on the Download the Plugins button.


2. It takes you to Twinmotion plugin download webpage. Select the version of your operating system from the drop-down menu, and download the plugin.


NOTE: When you run the installer, at Installation Type, you can select the desired Archicad version. But also, you can install it to multiple versions at the same time.

Requirements to Obtain a Free Twinmotion 2021 License 

  • Archicad commercial license (Annual Subscription)
  • Active SSA (Software Service Agreement)
  • An Epic Games Account

New to Twinmotion? Watch the video below to see what you can achieve with it. The video also guides you you through the steps of license acquisition as described above.

Note that although this video was created a year ago, the process to install the latest available Twinmotion version is the same until December 31, 2021.

Polar Bear


I have only access to the trial version.  How to get the full version?


Thank you


Barry Kelly

Click on the 'Original Article' link above - or here it is again ...


This explains it a bit better than shown above.

Follow the steps with the images and use the link in orange text to take you to the Twinmotion page in Graphisoft website.


You need to follow that link otherwise it is not possible to just download from Epic Games.



Polar Bear
Mathias Jonathan

We have multiple SSA licence under one mail account.

Does it mean that we can connect all our computers with this one mail?

Barry Kelly

I have multiple users in our company.

Each has set up their own GSID but has linked it to our company account.

They can request to join the company or I find it easier as the administrator, to invite the user (once they have set up their GSID) to join.


I am not sure if a user has to join the company account, or if they can go ahead and just sign up for Twinmotion anyway.


It is possible to use one Epic Games account on multiple machines (I have done that - you still have to set up Epic Games and download the Twinmotion software on each machine).

Not sure if you can have the one account running at the same time on 2 different machines though - I haven't tried that.


But it is much better if each user has their own GSID.



Karl Ottenstein

A little confused about version and deadline of 31 December 2021.  To clarify - are we only licensed for Twinmotion 2021?  I currently have 2021.1.4 installed - but there is a 2022.1 Preview 2 download available.  Does our license include 2022 also?



When I go to to the TW plugin page, it only appears to have a datasmith exporter for Archicad.  I do not see the direct link plug in for Archicad.

Barry Kelly

Twinmotion uses the Datasmith exporter now for Archicad version 25 (and maybe 24?).

There is no 'Direct Link' for 25.




We have a Graphisoft subscription, I would like to download the Twinmotion 2021 software in the free promotion.
After logging in to Twinmotion account, you can only select the paid version and only the 2022 version when purchasing.
When I download the launcher, it only loads the trials version.
I tried it in Google Chrome and Firefox browser. What could be the problem?


Barry Kelly

I am not sure if this helped...


Original poster has not replied.




We have the same problem as @BFVT . It seems almost deliberatly unclear how to get the correct license.

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