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Lights shift in Cinerender animation?

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I have always had trouble with spotlights... not seeming to have a numerical input for targets similar to a camera. Graphic adjustment at low angles is very trying. I am working with good model of a private residence and have taken very satisfactory night renders with Cinerender. However, when I try to generate a fly-by (drone loop) many if not all of the lights shift laterally (dramatically 5 - 20') in plan. I've wasted a lot of time thinking it was my error. I've gotten more savvy about keyframe use to check, but I've been struggling with this for days. I've delved into numerous controls in the lights and in Cinerender (too many to enumerate) with no improvement. I've taken to manually moving the lights around until they look O.K. (and the shift is not consistent) but this means they're all wrong for the still frame render. I'm considering this a "bug", but maybe I'm missing something. Anyone else familiar with this situation?
It may be fixed in 21, but I won't change horses in the middle of a project. Not ready to jump into C4D either, cost and learning curve are holding me back. Hoping there's a toggle I'm overlooking

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