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Maxwell Render w/ Archicad

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I was just wondering if anyone uses maxwell for their renderings and if so, could you give me a little insight on how the plug-in works for archicad. I'm wondering if i can use it to achieve better renderings for my scenes. I have a boss who is willing to pay for the software, but i really don't know too much about it other than whats on next limits's home page. If possible can someone tell me where i can located tutorials for it as well.

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Is your boss willing to pay for the time it takes to render the stuff??? Ben at our Malmö office have done some stuff with Maxwell and it looks just amazing but it takes loooooong time...
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i think if u read a few pages of maxwell, you will love it, cause it really doesn't takes to much to render... you can render a nice sun study in one image render....and it has some great stuff for ligthing that when you render a single image you can adjust it teh way you like after it renders and all in real time. and time, if you have one hour, or less, to present some 3d sun study or whatever, it will do it @ the time you say so... and the image will look much better than other 3d renderers.....

so just read few pages and click on it, i made my boss buy it, but he doesn't use it, but i use it at home with a smile on my face, and some nice images too.... so don't doubt about it, get for you... and its getting stronger in each update
I am using Maxwell Render.

We still do not have a good plug in. There is supposed to be one comming soon for ArchiCAD 10. The one for 9 sucks but you can still get the job done.

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