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PSD/Affinity support

Hey guys,

can we expect support for .PSD files in the future?
Such as we can place them as drawings, link them as textures for surfaces, etc.

My problem arose from switching to Affinity from the Adobe Suite, and several issues came to my already working workflow (I used layered TIFFs to embed renders to layouts, or to put sketches as reference).

The developers of Affinity wondered why the program supports layered TIFFs (both from Photoshop and Affinity Photo), but no PSD format.

Since ArchiCAD is kind of a "Swiss Army Knife" software, when it comes to compatibility, making able to collaborate with as many design tools to it as possible, would be appreciated.

Here is a link to the Affinity thread:

So my primary issue is, that my workflow is broken, when collaborating with non-Affinity users, adding PSD support would solve this (which would be nice from the CineRender perspective as well, since Cinema 4D can benefit from using PSDs as textures) from Graphisoft's side, or adding support for PSD layers from Serif's side - they seem reluctant about it.

Balázs | actively using: AC25-26 INT | Rhino7-WIP | macOS @ apple silicon / win10 x64

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