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Rendering stuck at 0,0%

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I have been having an issue when rendering with MAXON CineRender, where rendering gets stuck at 0,0% after counting. I have been waiting several hours for something to happen, but it stays at 0,0%. It only gets to this very pixelated image (screenshot attached).

I tried copying and pasting all the elements to a different file, but it didn't work. I also read somewhere that adjusting sun settings might fix the bug, but it didn't fix the problem either.

So it's not about the file being corrupted or anything like that. I have been able to render just fine before this, so I doubt it's a RAM or GPU issue. Rendering without materials (white rendering I guess? My Archicad is in Finnish so I'm not so sure about the terms) is working just fine.

I have a deadline due to next week so I'm kinda starting to panic.

EDIT: I have MacOS Catalina 10.15.7

You could share your computer set-up, maybe in your profile signature like other members do?
You could enlighten readers about the file size and complexity of your model a little bit?

If the clay model renders ok, but the real render doesn't, I would say it's a material issue.
Maybe you have used procedural grass in your scene.
Maybe there are too big images and/or other complexity with material bake-ups.
Maybe your render settings/preset is abnormally high for your model complexity and/or computer.

I would have suggested lack of RAM first though..

edit. it's not GPU, cinerender is CPU/RAM bound only.
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Marquee parts of your scene and render the selection. If it does not render a specific spot, isolate what is unique in that area. If it does not render unless your marqueed area is small, then it is probably a memory issue.


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Erwin Edel
Looking at that screenshot it looks like you maybe have a large body of water in 3D with a water surface on it.

The ripples, reflections etc of this could be what is making things crash. Especially if you have drawn a large surface for the water.
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