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Semi transparent walls and objects - Help

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Is there an easy way, or is there any way at all to set all my objects (walls mainly) to a semi transparent state (say 50-75%) when viewing in 3D using just Archicad.

I don't want to view wireframe or even render in semi transparent.
I'm just looking to freely rotate and view my dwg in 3d in a semi transparent state.

I don't want to have to buy a third party utility.

Is this possible? I'm more curious than anything.


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Within Options> Element Attributes> Materials settings you can set materials up so they show as transparent in OpenGL or Internal Engine mode, but are not transparent in Lightworks, if that helps. Drop-down is near top of dialogue box for the various modes.

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Duh! I'm an idiot!
Editing materials. I should have known to try that.

Thanks s2art!

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