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Why is AC17 and AC19 Rendering Speed is so different?

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I am upgrade to AC19 from AC17 because I am not ready for AC20.

I cannot figure out why AC17 Rendering performance on my current computer is taking about 5 min with 350 pixels and best quality, and Final Anti-Lasing.

With AC19, same project and it is taking forever and do not understanding why it is taking so long if it was old project or same project that I am working on. I don't get it.

Anyone can tell me why or how do I fix that so I can make Rendering works. I don't use Internal Engine because I liked Lightworks Rendering since beginning but now AC18 or 19 changed the Rendering program that i am not used to it. I am not sure what is the reason to change, be honest with you. I would like to know if there is a way I can change and make it more faster. Big thanks!!!

Do I have to upgrade Yosemite to Sierra to change the performance? That is where I am wondering about.

Barry Kelly
17 used Lightworks and 18 onwards uses Cinerender which are chalk and cheese when compared to each other.
Cinerender has many, many new settings and if not optimised properly can result in long render times.

Way to many settings for me to list here - in fact I am still trying to figure it all out myself.
I suggest you read through other posts here and also watch the Cinerender movies in the Archicad YouTube channel in the HELP menu.

Also start with using the pre-set scenes in the photorendering settings.
You should also optimise your surface materials for Cinerender.
The settings will be set to default basic settings copied from your OpenGL settings but these are not very good.
Many of your surfaces can probably be updated with the default Cinerender materials that come with Archicad.
And if you have a subscription you will have access to about another 500 materials through the settings when you.


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Thank you for sharing that. However, that link doesn't working properly. I already reported to technical support. They will figure out what is wrong with that download. I appreciated of your time. Thank you.

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