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comments please

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I kinda new to 3d rendering stuff so any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Hey there

I think it looks really great for a first time effort.
Just a comment - the grey driveway looks like it could have a texture/material applied to it to make the scene look much more pleasant.


You've handled the technology well, but as Shingo says, more ground texture would help. Some texture should be on all non-reflective surfaces like the stucco. You do this with the displacement shader - roughness .01

Overall, it seems quite dull. What rendering engine?

I think that many rendering problems are eliminated by composition. If you get drama and depth, you get viewer engagement. Who cares if it is technically excellent or not if viewers can project themselves into the scene?

I've stretched it a little in photoshop and cropped it to delight the eye. And added noise to soften smooth building faces.

Where's the door? When you render without presenting an obvious path for the eye, it becomes a barrier to engagement.

Nice uplight on the soffits - that is usually a newbie problem. How?
Dwight Atkinson

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For that image I used ArchiCAD9 - Lightworks. I been drawing plans for a number of years now but only recently had the chance to do 3D presentation work.

where do you work in chch dan?

b e n f r o s t
b f [a t ] p l a n b a r c h i t e c t u r e [d o t] n z
archicad | sketchup! | coffeecup

Dang. You get all the good guys down there.
Dwight Atkinson

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Currently working for Sterling Homes.

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