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construction simulation.


Hi! has anyone used the construction simulator?  what do you use it for?


i had seen some videos of the add on before, but it was just some animations so didnt pay much attention to it until i just read the documentation.


we would find it extremely helpful if one could assign construction times to each element, and then being able to graphilcally visualize those objetct with colors for different construction status, like "finished" "in progress" etc, without the need of more Graphical overrides.  We would just want to record the progress of every object in a certain week and generate a graphical report for the client and everyone involved.


According to the documentation the add-on actually does that, has anyone tried it?  

How manageable it is? for example, how easy it is to update the linked objects as you keep updating the MS project schedule? Being able to overlay "planned" vs "real" model would be great



Karl Ottenstein

This add-on is about 20 years old, and I don't recall much discussion of it since it was first introduced.  Personally, I never tried it as it originally required using Microsoft Project, which I didn't own... but apparently you can now set up the Task List inside of Archicad without MS Project:


If you search the entire community for 'construction simulation' you will find some old threads.

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Thanks Karl.   Ive seen some videos and read all i could find, before beginning to toy with it.   

i can certainly see that a refined version of this tool (for example, a slider that allows you to see the progress on dilferent dates directcly on the 3d model, along with being able to modify the start dates and duration of activities, either future, present or past activities) could be extremely valuable for project managers. 


I have seen many project managers and clients give up on 3d models because they are forced to work with revit and/or navisworks; A Linked Schedule to the 3d model that is easy to manipulate (like many things in archicad are) and linked to a bimx file would be a game changer to many people.    Of course, right now there are very complex tools that can show you the model, some even linikig the model to vr glasses, but not everything has to be so spectacular and complicated. Sometimes simpler tools would do.



Have not used it in a couple of years, but was happily using it before. Very fast, and good for quick and concept planning, feasibility studies. With more detailed input, you get better results (duh! did I tell you that the water is wet?!?) and it is not a pain.

I have had better results in linking it to M$ Project once upon a time than more recently, and the internal schedule settings worked quite nicely.

Then, you have various 4D BIM packages that do this down to the last screw and rivet... but that is another topic.


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