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Add ability to apply simple styling to Project Notes

Tomek Piatek
Project notes are a really good way to capture all sorts of bit of information that go into the thinking but usually doesn't get recorded anywhere else. In solo mode it's great to be able to go over past thinking and in teamwork it's great for other team member to be able to share that knowledge.

It would be great if we cold apply simple styling to this section. Simple headers, web links, emphasis, horizontal divider, etc. Perhaps you could look at incorporating Markdown (

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Hi Mr. Tomek. May i ask where you put this notes? I would guess in the change manager or is there another place you use?

Barry Kelly
'Project Notes' can be found in the FILE menu > Info > Project Notes.

It is simply a place to save notes that will stay with the file, and every time you open it, the date and time will be added.

I keep track of all of the changes I make to my template in there.
Then as the template is used for a new file, it will have a record of the template changes at the time of the file creation.
Later when the file becomes older, I can compare the Project Notes with the latest template to see what else I might have added since creating the now old file.
The company I work for has a lot of standard plans that we use over and over, so I can easily see if there is anything new I want to add to these old standard plans that I have added to the latest template.


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Great! i will use it right away, thanks a lot! this is one of the little things that makes life happier

The usage of markdown would be very welcomed!
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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
What is a markdown?
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Aaron Bourgoin
Markdown is a text formatting language.
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