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An isolated Construction Method

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So, we all know how easy is to make a custom furniture, custom stair, railing or other custom architectural element, using the basic tools of Archicad (walls, slabs, shells, columns, beams, morph...) and then save it as an object and use it in ours projects, but what if that element will change? then it becomes a tedious task, there are ways to do it, yes, but all of them require extra work and are not very practical unless you know GDL.

So I was thinking that if we could have an Isolated Construction Method just like the curtain wall has (the edition mode of the curtain wall) to build any element using any tool(3d and 2d) inside a project this will be very very helpful. The idea is that I can build let say, a custom railing or a custom bookcase, desk or anything, using the basic tools of AC and then group into a unit that in order to edit it I will need to click in a edit button just like the curtain wall, (with the ability to edit in 2d also), and this will isolate the element we are working with and each tool I use to build the element will still behave with their regular behavior. This will make the custom object creation in AC a lot easier and using a technology that is already inside AC.

Now you create a custom stair using slabs, roof, SEO, beams for the nosing and railing handrail, columns, etc. You have two option, or you group it and organize it in the corresponding layers which we all know all the work this mean to make it look good in plans, etc., or you save it as a object and lose the ability to easily modified it. But if we will have this option of grouping the elements in a way that will become like one element with an isolated construction or editing method, it will be very easy and handy to change let say the nosing profile, he height of the railing, or any other change that will come later, and at the same time having a single element like an object, we will be basically having the best of each method.

And for schedules could have the option to see it as a single object or per elements.

Here are a few examples were I really wish I could have this feature.

We can partly do this with module files but they typically fall down when showing the 2D projection, so that combination of core 3D modelling tools and the ability to add a custom 2D projection would be great.

Ideally the 2D plan projection would default to the 3D plan projection but with the ability to customise it to be scale & MVO sensitive so at 1:100 you could show just a rectangle but at 1:20 show details of door swings etc.

I appreciate we can do this in GDL with "fragments" but object creation without needing to resort to GDL editing would be a major boost.
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DGSketcher wrote:
We can partly do this with module files.
Yep, that is one of my solutions for now depending on the needs (like these furniture showing faucets in the pic) but also, you need to have different files and can't be modified without opening another instance of AC. Also, I'm not 100% sure but, I think you can't schedule them like objects, Ex. if I make a custom desk using AC tools and make it a module.

Also something else that we will need with this is an option to not interact with others element, just as if you change the priority number in the layers. Ex: in the first post you will see in the pic where the bookcases are in the floor, a few small squared holes, those are from a table I made a module , and I'm using columns for the legs, even though in this case is my mistake that the tables are not seated in the floor right, but we can avoid problem with an option like this.
I'm in need of a better solution for this in every project!

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Imagine doing objects with different elements and having the ability to convert it to an assembly and having the ability to edit it just like you can do now with the new stair and railing tool, and the way you can edit the curtain walls now, that is what I'm referring to. The ability to make something custom (like a complex furniture, or even as simple as a custom table or chair, facade elements, etc.) with a edition mode like this and also that will work like modules in the way that when you modify one all instances will be modified. This way we can make objects that can be later modified without the need of using GDL. The technology is already in Archicad.

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