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Hot-linked file synchronization of attributes

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Please read this and vote if you use hotlinks.

When you first place a hotlink it imports any 'new' attributes (think for example of complex profiles) into the target file.
When you update a hotlink, the hotlink updates in the target but any modified attributes in the source file are not transferred to the target. I.e. things appear to update but they may not be completely updated after all.

The lack of synchronization across files is painful on large projects. Perhaps we need a "cousin of Teamwork":
A file is nominated as "master" (a TW file?). When you are in a 'slave' file and you go to edit any attributes/materials etc you are in fact editing the 'master' file. The slave files then sync with the master (in the way hotlinks do) and presto, we have synchronised files!
The great thing about this solution is it is built around existing GS solutions. (Hint hint)

And for those who don't work on large files, or in large offices - think about company wide synchronisation of layer names/ company standards....

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I voted essential

Have a similar issue:

have a large project setup with a Master Teamwork file with 10 hotlinked teamwork files(with nested modules) linked into the Master model. Working in AC17.5019 INT.

I have a query regarding management of layers and layer combinations - this project is still fairly early in the planning phase and we're already experiencing difficulties with layer duplication.

I anticipated that attribute management would be an issue on the project so I've been exporting layers (and other attributes) to .aat files and subsequently importing them into the other files and Overwriting all in order to maintain a tidy and consistent layer list. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be working - as far as I understand things, ArchiCAD only recognises the Layer number, but I've got multiple layers on the same number and despite having replaced all layers in all of the files yesterday, when updating the HLMs, further duplication of layers occurs - see screen shot.

To further complicate things the HLMs have nested modules, which makes for rather difficult management! They all have the same original source - i.e they were all saved from a single file, but have since been edited and new layers and other attributes added.

Is there an easier method of layer management in large projects? Any tips would be most helpful!

Also, I believe this is something that GS needs to address - ArchiCAD needs a single Attribute management dialogue that can incorporate multiple files - .pln, .mod and Teamwork files in order to deal with this kind of scenario. I'm fairly sure I'm not the only person wanting this!

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Hi Mark,

Given I posted that in 2010 and you are the first to respond, I'm not holding my breath...

nevertheless I still think this is a major issue GS needs to consider.

Who knows - with the new BIM cloud perhaps it is easy to setup such shared parameters across a number of files?

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This is an issue that needs addressing as this wish pops up all,over these forums.

For our practice this if fixed would be a big competitive advantage over the other bims

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2 years on...don't hold your breath! 😞

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I absolutely agree, essential.

I work now on a multiresidential development project in which all kind of atrributes change pretty much all the time. The structure of files and hotlinks is mid-complex but already attibute issue is painful.

But I'm not sure if rwallis proposal of "cousin of Teamwork" is the best solution

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Graphishoft guys, what are you doing sitting on this for 9 years ?

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