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Option to turn warnings off when checking scripts

Version 9 has introduced new warning messages (such as 'Use of real types can result in precision problems'; see this thread for more info) that appear when the 'Check Script' button is clicked.
This warning is just a warning, i.e., it doesn't mean an actual error that prevents the scripts from working. It only shows an issue that could possibly – but not necessarily – result in problems.
There are different situations where one can be sure that the possible problem won't arise at all for the script being debugged. In these cases, what was supposed to be an aid becomes a pain.
It's specially difficult to work with objects written in previous versions, which worked fine, and still do, but now checking its scripts can mean pressing the 'Continue' button dozens of times.
So the wish is that these warning messages could be turned off in Preferences or Work Environments settings.
Notice that the critical error messages, those that mean the script won't work (e.g. 'Divide by zero'), would always be on.
Only the non-critical warning aids would be optionally turned off.
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