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1" = 60'-0"

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Archicad needs to have a 1" = 60'-0" and 1" = 80'-0" option. 1" = 60'-0" is a very common option used for surveying purposes.

Thank you.

Karl Ottenstein
To clarify how important this is to you/others: for 1"=60' you can specify a 1:720 scale. So, selecting 1"=60' in the drop-down is an ease of use thing... but I imagine you want 1"=60' to show up in the drawing title as the drawing scale as well (vs 1:720) - which would be a functional issue.
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Laszlo Nagy
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Community Admin
Why not make it possible for the user to define his/her own scale factors which are not in the default set of available scales?
I guess this is more of an Imperial issue since in metric you can set it to any scale you want.

It would be easy. One would define the text string that would identify the custom scale (E.g.: 1" = 60'-0"). Then he would define what metric scale this is equivalent to (1:720)
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