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A wish for the wishes forum -> no workarounds

Vasileios S_



I am a little disappointed of how I see users reply to the wishes. It's a true gem that this community exists and I believe we can all make it greater too!


Here's the thing. Someone posts a wish like this "I want the X tool" or "I want this tool to do Y as well". The users answer to this topic and suggest workarounds, and this is truly wonderful! Of course there are workarounds, how did we do our job 5 years ago? But the user that wrote the post did not want a workaround, he wanted to make a wish. The users should reply if this wish is helpful or not. Also, there should not be a "Accept as a solution" button. There would be a solution if there was a question at first. But it's not a question thing "how do I do that?", it's a wish. There should be a poll and we should vote. The replies would serve as a booster for the AC team to consider.

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Barry Kelly

I am not sure I should reply to this, as you have put it in the wishes forum. 😉

But here goes.


Yes wishes are wishes and not questions.

But often as you say, there are workarounds that the person replying does not know if the original poster or other readers are aware of them.

So unless the original poster states "This is a wish, I do not want workarounds", they will probably get workarounds.

Even if they do say that, people like to share.

This should not detract from the original wish though - if it is a valid wish.


With the 'Accept solution' button, I am not sure if it can be switched off for one particular form.

Possibly it can, but then there may be a solution to say the wish has been granted in version 25, so maybe it is better that it stays and is just ignored.

If something is marked as a solution that is clearly not, then admin and moderators can remove the solved tag.


As for polls, we used to have them in the old ArchicadTalk forum.

But they did not translate to this new community.

Admin are looking at it to see what can be done about this.

In the mean time we have the 'Like' button, so everyone that agrees with you wish can 'Like' it.


I hope this answer does not detract from your wish.

I basically agree with what you have wished for, so I have liked it.




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Vasileios S_

I am happy that the admins look at it Barry. I remember the polls, and I think these should translate to this community as well.


Actually, there is not a right or wrong answer to this post as well, because as said, it's a wish.


But thanks a lot for considering it.



You cannot build a line.

Allegedly a new Wishes facility is coming which may focus the replies, but I also think the diverse responses are part of the process. We have seen in the past noobs having a knee **beep** reaction after leaving Autocad and asking for multiple buttons to do "X". If that route was blindly followed you end up with an interface that just becomes ever more difficult to navigate. When other users post it helps mitigate those potentially unnecessary additions when, with a minor change in work flow, you can achieve the same thing. They also sometimes offer a better way of working or just a work around to get the job done while we wait for any possible update. I also think it helps when GS reads the replies to determine the nature of the problem, (if there is one), and how best to incorporate it. You may also be seeing more posts under wishes as the ability to vote for or against an idea is not currently available. So for the time being I think you may have to tolerate these "truly wonderful" posts. 😉

Edit: It would appear the word censor is set to High on this forum. 😂

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Vasileios S_

Exactly DGSketcher,


Answers are not the problem. We need votes and polls. The classic old way. Or... another way is roadmaps. See post here:

You cannot build a line.

Have you seen this?


Also, we are working on a new system to handle wishes better than we could do on Archicad Talk before. 🙂

Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin

No, I haven't seen this. Thanks a lot Noemi.

You cannot build a line.
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