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AC 25 / AC 26 Casework Issues


I have been waiting to see if Archicad 26 fixed the casework object issues.  Unfortunately AC 26 casework still has some obvious issues.


1.  Backsplash does not show in plan in Base Cabinets in the 12 30 00 Casework Folder

2. Backsplash does show in plan when you use the Basin Cabinet object in the Plumbing fixtures folder but this one does not allow you to turn off the sink and it's sink options are very limited to vanity type sinks.

3. Edge Visibility in AC26 was only partially fixed:  You should be able to turn off Carcuss and Cabinet edges on all 4 sides, not just 3 sides.  I've had to revert back to using the dot line type to hide it.  We shouldn't have to do that.


I am sure there are still other issues but these are ones that hold up our Template creation.


This is incredibly frustrating for those who built the templates for their companies.  I shouldn't have to book a $50/$60 session with the BIM Advisor Team to figure out terrible changes Graphisoft made to the program.  I can understand the depth of this redesign for a certain area of our market but it has only been frustration for the rest of us.



More issues with the v26 cabinets: using an overlay door, how do I increase the overlay amount? Right now, if I show a row of cabinets, there is a large gap between each set because I cannot change the door overlay. The default overlay seems to match the inside dimension of the cabinet, which by definition is not really an "overlay" condition. One would hope Graphisoft consults with an architect or a cabinet professional when creating these library objects?

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