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Additional Datum Reference Point(s) in Proj. Pref. Levels

Scott Bulmer
We are documenting an existing building where there are many floor and ceiling level changes occurring on each of three stories. The best method to record these levels in the field was to established datum reference lines for each story. We used a laser level which allowed us to record fixed level lines throughout the entire building on each of three stories.

The issue I have come across in ArchiCAD is that there is only one Datum level in project preferences (aside from Sea Level and Project Zero). The Datum level works perfect for our field reference for the first story, however we need to be able to reference to datum lines on the other two stories.

In AC, we have the Level Dimension tool set on the first floor plan to display both the dimension to Project Zero as well as to our Datum reference. We cannot do this on the other floors (referencing to each floors own datum line). The same holds true in sections using the Elevation Dimension tool.

This request is to provide additional Datum fields in the Project Preferences > Levels & Project North dialog box. Thanks, Scott
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this is actually more complex that it seems. Essentially I agree with your request but I think that reference 'sub-levels' should happen within the storyes themselves. In other words we should be able to define any number of sublevels within one storey that could be referenced to local (storey) zero as well as global (project) zero.
I am struggling every time when I try to create D/W schedule showing sill heights in a building with stepped down storey levels. a great pain, pain, pain in the...

Eduardo Rolon
Check if this helps meanwhile,
Eduardo Rolón AIA NCARB
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