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Attributes selection floating palette



i can say this is the work user experience with Archicad since i had started using it, 

i wonder why the attributes floating window is that tiny !!!!!!!!

imagine how it's stressing to scroll to find an attribute in a list of 300 items 

This shoud be fixed as soon as possible, bring back thhe old floating palette please 

Extra small.png


my proposal.jpg


This shoud be applied and unified for all attributes floating paetts : 

* layers

* Pens

* Hatches

* lines

* Building materials

* Composites

* Complex profiles

* Zones


When i open the floating palette i have to see the same design each time, don't le designers be confused, let them FOCUS ON DESIGN.

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There is no statistical data relating to the number of clients who are satisfied or not with the version 26 of Archicad. In your previous post, you speculated. Graphisoft should have more accurate data than us in terms of related customer satisfaction. I guess that's why it's moving in that direction. Otherwise, it would be pure madness.

Martin Luther Jules
AC 10-26 (Full)
Asus | 64 GB RAM | Windows 11

Did everyone see there is a comment section at the bottom of the article link?

I say we leave our comments, and how we feel... since GS has ben noticeably silent lately on this board.

Rex Maximilian, Honolulu, USA -
ArchiCAD 26 (user since 3.4, 1991)
16" MacBook Pro; M1 Max (2021), 32GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, 32-Core GPU
Creator of the Maximilian ArchiCAD Template System

To me this looks like the result of developers not having a proper understanding of how we actually use the application they develop and at the same time underestimating the effects of their changes.


What has happened is that the previously rather simple attribute pop-up lists now have become more advanced, to a point where they actually have same screen space need as dialogs. But it doesn't look like this has been properly acknowledged. Instead the developers have tried to just squeeze it all into a pop-up list which has created this mess. That they first didn't identify the issue with scrolling and now haven't identified the issue with jumping is really poor work.


I won't claim to have an obvious better solution to the problem but what is obvious is that the current one isn't good enough. I have put forward critique of the new attribute functionality here

and I think that all these issues makes it evident that GS have underestimated how much effort need to go into understanding the workflow in order to get attribute interface right but also that GS incorrectly think that they can develop a new feature incrementally, adding things here and there.


I would not hold changes to attributes as a priority for AC (a apart form centralised management) but I think that if things are to be done they should have been done properly. A part from being a waste of scarce development resources, the poorly developed new features also risk to constrain future development. It's really frustrating to see the potential in the new attribute palette if it were interactive with the model and knowing that GS now are done with the attribute interface for the next 5 years. 

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