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BIMcloud for Linux


This was discussed a couple of years ago but I'll bring this up again.


Why isn't there in 2024 a Linux version of BIMcloud available? BIMcloud as a Service must use Linux already, I mean why would Graphisoft run Windows on AWS, so it could easily be ported to a regular Linux distro version. Maybe it doesn't really need much modification at all and could be run largely as is?


Is it because Graphisoft thinks that customers don't have capable IT administrators and it would add support overhead for them? Do they think it would compete with the SaaS offering?


If Graphisoft isn't willing, I hope someone reverse engineers it and creates an open source version. It's basically just a web frontend and a database so shouldn't be too hard. Maybe we could get more modern features too, like clustering and built-in TLS encryption.


Bumping this wish! Given that the key components are node.js and MongoDB the implementation should be relatively easy.


Indeed. Maybe it would bring performance improvements as well, running in a Linux container on bare metal versus in a Windows VM.


Operations that use small block I/O like backup creation and snapshots take a really long time for large projects even on a fast SSD array, at least if you care about data integrity and don't allow extensive disk caching.


Command line tools for managing BIMcloud should be improved too. I haven't looked under the hood of the latest version yet, but I don't think there are any tools to backup the arbitrary file store. The built-in backup is all or nothing and uses huge amounts of space because old snapshots can't be excluded.

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