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Better Interactive Schedule Update

I think there needs to be an "Update" button on the Calculate -> Interactive Schedule flyout menu (next to Preview and Settings).

I really don't need to Preview my schedule if all the changes are made in plan and, given the scheduler's tendency to crash, I'd much prefer to be able to just "Update"

This function should also allow selection of multiple schedules to all be updated at the same time.
Tom Waltz

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I too have found the whole experience below par, with the computer occasionally crashing.

Surely the ideal is something more akin to what some competitors have (Revit), where the schedule is live linked with the model by default. Then we don't get caught having forgotten to update it etc. Also when it is placed on the plan parameters should be editable there - with a live link back to the actual items (e.g. door heights can be adjusted across a range of doors from the schedule, rather than another window).

On a related note, I've been using the schedule to provide a key to room numbers that lists room number/ name/ area. Something as simple as this is far more labour intensive to maintain than in some competitors software.. zones must be continually checked, and then the process of updating the schedule must be carried out.
(In Revit it appears zones are automatic, and the software has built in options for various measurement options, ie. inside of walls, centre of walls, outside of walls etc. listed under predefined and known industry standards for GFA, NLA etc. measurement techniques. Having this sort of thing automated (with the option to edit IF necessary) rather than the current situation is surely what we should be expecting of our software?

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