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Better Layers Manipulation

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When i add a new layers to a drawing or template i then need to update the layers combinations.
This is a real nightmare. I must go to every layer combination and change the state of the newly made layer to what i want and hit update.

It would be better to be able to select multiple Layers COmbos and then select layer-s that i want change the state and update the selected layer-combos WITH ONLY THE SELECTED LAYERS STATES. UNSELECTED will not be affected.

As simple as that.

For example i need the new layer to be locked everywhere except from one combo. I select all combos-1 select the layer make it locked and hit update.
All selected layer combos will update ONLY the layer selected as locked.
Very simple and fast

i can understand why multiple layers aren't able to be selected at present: simply because the layer list isn't supposed to or able to display multiple states of one layer.

however. oreopoulos has a very, very good point: the usability of the layer dialogue box with regard to layer combinations needs some urgent work . . .

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~/archiben wrote:
the layer list isn't supposed to or able to display multiple states of one layer.
That is why i suggested that when multiple layer combos are selected then the layer dialog box behaves differently, and the UPDATE button updates ONLY the SELECTED layers with their corresponding state.

Pretty straightforward i guess

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