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Change the integer constant (3) for the number of renovation statuses to a variable

Renovation status has been untouched (unless you count graphic overrides) for 10 years (AC15-25). The 3 statuses are insufficient; every user can think of a status they wish was in there. (Replace, relocate, um renovate?) Further, everyone has yelled themselves hoarse demanding some way to do project phasing. There is no difference between a phase and a renovation status.


I don’t know why three was the chosen number, and I don’t know why GS has been so committed that this number is correct for 10 whole years. It’s plainly not correct, but the point is, why is it any fixed number?


Internally, the statuses must be called something like 1, 2, and 3. My suggestion is: The next one can be 4.


Let the user create arbitrary new statuses and phases. Please don’t tell me this would destroy the program for reasons beyond the ken of mere users. We can have any number of layer priorities, and 1000 Bmat priorities. (If you need to limit the number of statuses, I will open the negotiation at, say, 32. Headroom!)


This is another ancient wish that seems like it is a tweak away.

James Murray

Archicad 25 • Rill Architects • macOS •

Even 8 or 16 (who comes up with these numbers??) would be a huge improvement. GS could just rename Renovation Filter to Phasing and call it a new feature.

Jared Banks, AIA
Shoegnome Architects

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I don't mind the basic three status as a core attribute setting. For me I think the process could be easily improved simply by allowing the selection of multiple filters (like layer or GO combos). You could then mix and match to suit display requirements and no longer be constrained to a single filter.  

Apple iMac Intel i9 / macOS Sonoma / AC27UKI (most recent builds.. if they work)

The need for a new approach to changes is real and urgent. Although it may seem that relief is just a tweak away I think that there is a risk of shortsightedness involved in trying to enhance something that, as you point out, has been mothballed for a decade. Instead I think and hope AC should and will make a leap forward. If GS truly aim for AC to be relevant from start to end, then I would say that a new approach to change is of highest priority.



Likely to be cooking in their Dev Team.

Regardless of its status, each element can be individually set to be Shown: On all relevant Filters or X selected Filter only. 

This last bit is what needs to change:

Give us other choices:

  • Shows on:....
  • Hidden on....
  • Overridden on...

And then a third option for "in SELECTED FILTERS", In this way you could make an element to show in a selection of filters of your own choice. (then display a list with tick boxes)



  1. create 2 new filters for Phase 1 and 2.
  2. Model existing, Set some to be demolished, Model Phase 1, Set some to be demolished, Model Phase 2 (final let's say)
  3. Set the Display like this:
    1. Existing elements: Shows in all relevant filters
    2. Demo elements: Overridden/hidden in SELECTED FILTERS
    3. Phase 1 elements: Shows in SELECTED FILTERS (Phase 1 and 2)
    4. Demo from phase 1: Shows in SELECTED FILTERS (Phase 1), Overridden in SELECTED FILTERS (Demo for Phase 2), Hidden in SELECTED FILTERS (Phase 2 and those before Phase 1)
    5. Phase 2 elements: Shows in SELECTED FILTERS (Phase 2)
Nando Mogollon
Director @ BuilDigital
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Vasileios S_

I have previously made this wish. A long time ago... Then I came up to the same with by another AC user. Then you! I believe that this wish is essential!


This "phasing" thing is not just another feature, but actually it adds another dimension to BIM!


I wish I could create "phases" as time stamps. Phase 1 - January, Phase 2 - February and so on... This would open up many possibilites, as in a specific time we would set what element is demolished-created-renovated-relocated. There would also be a bar in order to see what's going on in every phase (just like google street view).

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