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CineRender Material Editing - copy/paste feature

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In C4D there is a feature in the material (aka surface) editor which allows the user to copy the fully configured contents of a shader and then paste that into another shader channel. I cannot seem to find a way to replicate this workflow in the Surface material editor...

An example of the utility is if you want to re-color or grunge an existing texture in the AC Surface Catalog - one would copy the color or diffuse channel image and then paste that configured content into a layer shader. Once in a layer shader you can overlay whatever other shaders (e.g. noise for procedural grunge) you need to get the desired effect, and the edits are all non-destructive to your stock asset.

The other critically valuable thing is that you can copy your color channel to your bump channel if you have built up a complex stack of shaders to make procedural tile, brick, etc.

When I was working in Cinema and making materials this was something I used constantly and would love to see it exist natively in Archicad!


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It would be nice if you create a Poll to get a more consistent feedback on your wish.
I think it is important.
It also reminds me of an old wish I always had regarding Surfaces. It is Surface Family.

There is a related wish. The lack of this function is a really big shortsight...

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Barry Kelly
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Don't forget to vote.

Yes, it is a real pain to have to duplicate the same settings in different channels.
Graphisoft are aware of this as it was discussed when Cinerender was introduced.
They were hoping to implement this feature as they updated the Cinerender engine, but that was a few versions ago now.


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Thank you very much for sharing your idea and creating the pool!

This is a known wish in our Wish List database (please refer to it as #11507). From my knowledge, CineRender engine was quite heavy for Archicad, therefore many things were not included. I have entered your remark into the wish, hopefully our Product Management team will consider implementing it in the future!

Thank you once again, and have a great day!

Best regards,

Minh Nguyen
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