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Composite Wall Flexibility

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When defining a composite wall, I set the core to the main structure, such as concrete or stud.

I would like to see the flexibility of having the composites that make up the composite wall to be turned off, except for the "core" composite.

The reasoning for this are several:

Consultants such as structural and civil only want the main/core wall/structure.

When aligning one wall over a lower/higher wall, it would be considerably easier when using the ghost option.

Some clients prefer to only see the main/core wall when reviewing plans as it makes it easier to read.

Dimensioning to the core composite is faster rather than having to "find" the exact dimensioning point.

When dimensioning the width of the main/core composite, rather than including all the composites, only the main/core composite will be selected.

I am sure many more reasons apply.

Thanks, Grant
it seems like this could be a display options / view set capability.
i am with you 100%.
tim hanagan
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Geoff Briggs
Absolutely! Display options is the proper place for this.

BTW this was the subject of a poll just last Dec. http://www.graphisoft.com/community/archicad-talk/viewtopic.php?t=854&highlight=&sid=d1cfea58706fd56a62736ce7c03089f4
Geoff Briggs
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