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Correct editing tool auto-activates when object is selected

Paul King
So many redundant keystrokes or mouse clicks could be saved:

With an object selected, ArchiCAD already knows all it needs to about your most likely intentions (move, copy or edit), and so should be smart enough to switch to the correct editing mode for you straight away, in case you want to edit.

There is almost never a case when this would be wrong, because when for example you only intend to move a wall, mid way through editing slabs, the slab editing mode automatically switches back on when you next select a slab

Hotspots projected from walls or lines by Ctrl-Click when "wrong" tool selected are the only example where this might not work - but hotspots are needed so seldom now that they do not justify a separate mouse click for everything else. Maybe a toggle to activate or deactivate auto sensing mode

If multiple objects selected, for consistency the editing tool for the most recently selected should be active
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