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Create Elevation shadow diagram on neighboring buildings

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I wish there was a way to create an elevation view of a neighboring building to show the shadow impact of the proposed building. This is very easy to do in a perspective view but impossible in a 2d elevation view.

The reason for this is because the elevation view clips and disregards the information behind it. If there was a toggle in the view settings that enabled the view to consider the geometry behind the view as well as in front it would be magic.

I have attached a jpg that hopefully illustrate the issue.

view 1) is a perspective that successfully shows the shadow impact from the building behind.

view 2) is a 2d view at the same time of day of view 1 but notice no shadow from behind.

In general I wish Archicad implement the option which consider the "effects" of clipped 3D portions without showing them. Useful also in 3D clipped perspectives
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Hi, even though I agree with this wish, there is also a way to do something like you want, not with all the options of an elevation but you can get the effect with a 3d document. At least is a temporary solution.

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