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Direct Entry of Surveyor Data or Legal Description

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Our firm develops accurate project site and right-of-way boundaries before a civil engineer is engaged. The local government agencies have GIS sites where previous and adjacent Tract Maps are available.

Currently, ArchiCAD 12 allows lines to be entered by distance and bearing, but does not allow an arc to be created by curve table data. A typical table includes the radius and delta of the arc, but also adds arc length, tangent and often bearing in and bearing out. Often boundary arcs a not tangent to any property line and become almost impossible to enter, especially since we do not have the option of entering arcs with two endpoints, radius and convex or concave side.

The current line/circle construction process does not allow for angle points between to arc segments.

I would like to see the next version of ArchiCAD have complete site boundary creation tools. Maybe they could be incorporated into an enhanced Tracker palette - one that could be disabled in the work environment setting.