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Disable Cutplanes/Marquee for Shadow Casting

It would be very handy to have the option to disable any active cutplanes/marquees/section cuts for the shadow casting phase of all model views (i.e 3D window, section/elevations, etc)

This would solve a number of situations where misleading shadows are generated by the cut model, such as:

- Shaded part-section/elevations where there are incorrect shadows to internal spaces due to missing model elements.

- Roofless internal views used to show internal sun penetration have incorrect shadows due to the missing roof.

Point of this option is to be able to generate shadows of the full model prior to removing the parts of the model you have excluded (via marquee, cutplanes, sections etc) in order to see what you want.

Edit: Pretty sure this could be addressed by a simple reshuffling of the render phase orders no? It may make rendering those views with the option enabled longer (has to generate the model twice) but I would be willing to wear this to get true shadows.

Owen Sharp

Design Technology Manager
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Not applicable
Or, maybe, similar to the "wireframe" button in Layer settings, have a button for "Cast shadows even when turned off"

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