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Display/Hide Everything Above

Here's a thought:

Under the Display menu, how about a "Hide everything above xxxx mm"

For example, you could use it to hide kitchen countertops and cabinets whilst drawing the base, then hide the countertop whilst drawing the lower cabinets....

I use different layers for these things but it would be great to take a slice through the plans and move it up as required during drafting without switching layers or storeys. It would be good for clerestory and RCP work as well. And you could set a default at your prefererance for that storey.

Just a thought.
Cameron Hestler, Architect

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Actually, this is a fantastic idea. I think, I could use that for having a suspended ceiling plan on the very same story where the actual plan is+ it would save me a lot of special ceiling layers+layer comb's or hiding transfer beams/slabs above.

On the other hand, I just wonder how to implement that throughout the interface - imagine having the 'hiding' level on above 1m say, what would happened if I went to the object tool window and set the object elevation above 1m, virtually I wouldn't be able to place it on the plan.

But definitely, this idea is worth of exploring.

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