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Drawing usage sorting by pln/plp

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I want to be able to sort the imported views in Plotmaker's Drawing Usage window by the file that they are linked from. All views from a single plp or pln file should group together so when a drawing gets moved (intentionally or otherwise), it is easy to find all the views associated with a particular plan.

case in point:

our file server has been having problems. while it is away at the mac hospital, we've set up a backup server. This machine has a different name since it isn't running OSX Server - just personal file sharing. Anyway, Plotmaker doesn't understand the new path unless I tell it to, and relinking files on a big job that doesn't integrate everything into a single plp file has been a REAL pain. A different job, using one plp file with elevs and details combined was very easy to re-link.

since the obvious solution is to use a single plp file, I can only rate this as "important", but there are still problems with importing and linking to office standard details when starting a new job, and lack of full drawing tool availability in detail windows. Until those are resolved, I doubt everyone will switch to the single file approach, so we need the extra sort function.


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I have rated this one as essential in the context of overall improvements needed to the linked drawing management in PM. This area definitely needs improvements and this one is a vital part of the overall picture.

Especially once we can place .doc, .xls, .pdf, and other file types the same as I can in InDesign

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I agree with this one. I just teamworked a project that consisted of two buildings and a site plan with most all of the drawings already linked to a layout book. After teamworking the file the layout book lost the links and needed to be relinked to the new PLP files. This was a time consuming problem to fix. I finally discovered that by selecting drawings one at a time that when the path dissappeared in the window that I had selected a drawing from a different file. This way I could command click and select all of the files from the same file at one time. I would have been sooo much easier to have a heading for file and just sorted the imported drawings from the appropriate files and relinked.

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