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Enhanced 3d Controls in Standard Dialog Boxes

Enhanced 3d element controls as part of Standard Dialog box Options

For Objects, Walls, Slabs, etc.
3d Projection
• None (2d Only)
• 3d Element & Shadow Casting
• 3d Element Only
• Shadow Casting Only (without 3d element)
Uses: Many objects already have the 2d only option so it would provide a universal way to do that. Ability to shadow cast only would be great especially when the element is in the way of the camera and could greatly enhance renderings.

For Objects, Walls, Slabs, etc.
3d Opacity Slider
• Photoshop like slider to control Opacity (transparency if you please) of elements
• Would be nice to see live preview in 3d window of effect
• Doors and Windows in Walls automatically match wall Opacity
• Ability to control how shadow reacts when used, e.g. does it follow the opacity or remain full intensity
Uses: Great rendering possibilities or visualization abilities in 3d window. You could make an certain exterior walls 50% transparent and see more clearly their relationships to interior spaces in the 3d window. For renderings, you could have an element like a tree be in the renderings while not overly obscuring the building. Also one would not have to create and assign a bunch of materials to attempt this.

For Objects (maybe Windows & Doors too)
3d XYZ rotation
• Standard dialog box controls for these options
Uses: Dose not require specific gdl script to have these options. For instance, a car object may have the script to rotate length wise but did the programmer also provide the rotation side to side? With standard XYZ rotation, it would not matter if they provided rotation whatsoever.
Or for instance, you may want to use the GS Ridge Tile object on a rake. First you have to script the roof slope rotation and Second you have to script the roll rotation so you can have it roll over the roof edge. Again, XYZ would enable anyone to have this ability without scripting every object.

For Objects
Project 3d as 2d symbol in Standard Dialog Box to override the supplied 2d symbol with controls built in.
Use: Self explanatory and avoids having to script these options.

Incremental Enhancements
Granted this idea should be another post, I guess, but it would be really appreciated if GS would provide some enhancements along the way to a next major release. It does not have to be called a 10.x if that is the issue. My thought is, GS could determine certain options (perhaps like the ones above) are worthy of a dialog box enhancement and simply implement it and post an enhancement list in the help system. Or maybe they see that people are struggling with the trip back and forth to making 3d materials and could implement an improved way to do it or whatever.

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