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FBX Export Archicad 25


Is there at plan to give us the option to export to FBX in the future?
I see that many users talk about it but turn it to that there now is a solution to it by Datasmith to use with Twinmotion. But not all of us work with Twinmotion.

I work with 3D Studio/VRay and Unreal for many of our projects and sure Datasmith is nice to have in Archicad, but not to have the chance to export to FBX for 3D Studio or Blender is really a bummer. To not have the opportunity to have linked projects with FBX-files makes revisions a really hard days work.

FBX-Files is used by many 3D software and gives Archicad projects the chance to go in many different ways for presentation to clients. To just say we have Datasmith is to say that we only work with Twinmotion and Unreal, I don't just want to work with those, I want my projects to have the opportunity to expand in many other 3D applications. 

Maybe I missed something but I cant find the Export FBX anywhere.


Same for us. We took a decision to stay with AC24 until this is solved.

I may be a bit cheeky but here is a link to the FBX SDK:



I too am frustrated by the loss of FBX output, it significantly impacts on my workflow.


I understand that it's not up to Epic Games to provide me with this functionality, as I'm not using it with Twonmotion but Graphisoft please bring back this functionality.


FBX is ubiquitous in the 3D graphics world.

I actually have to have a subscription to SketchUp to save as SKP from Archicad, then to FBX so I can bring it into an AR app. Before I used the TM out option (FBX). I'd think it's important to have a path to an AR app in 2021. I've been using Arki on iOS.

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I am using a work around to generate FBX files from Archicad 25.


My current work around is as follows:

  1. Save 3D model as Collada DAE
  2. Import DAE file in Blender
  3. Export from Blender as FBX

When exporting from Blender:

  1. Path Mode - copy; so that the model and textures are saved together
  2. Transform - Forward: Y Forward and Up: Z Up; this will keep the orientation the same as Archicad, or change to your requirements.

Blender is free and open source software which is availbale on Mac/PC/Linux.

Probably the best workaround so far, thanks!

Yes, a workaround can be done in many ways. I do it with 3DS and then to FBX to have the file Linked in my 3D Studio MAX projects, but that makes a lot of extra time and work. 

Yes, this works but you loose a lot of information as the DAE export is quite bare-bones

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Karl Wir_n

Hi! I guess many of us posting in this thread have opinions on what criterias a good export function should meet. How about making a list to Graphisoft if they ever decide to make their own fbx-export?  This is what I think should be exported:

1) Global position xyz

2) Geometric groups. A wall with different surface materials should stick together after export.

3) Correct surface normals (not a big problem with Archicad)

3) Geometry triangulation, quads or "as is"-option

3) Material names (even long names and special characters)

4) Texture uv-coordinates

5) Soft or hard vertices and edges

6) Cameras


Can you forum members come up with more? Or modify this list?

//Karl W



Export UVs for all objects even if they don't have a texture should be standard as well. 


Edit: Surfaces without textures should have UVs

Master's degree in Architectural Engineering & Architectural Visualizer
Main PC: 5950X, 64 GB RAM, 3090 & 1660ti
2nd PC: i7 9700K, 32 GB RAM & 3080

Some great ideas here. I entirely agree with all of them. My additions would be:

1) Fixing the current normal issues with cabinet glasses

2) Carpet / Picture frame object textures exporting as regular objects

3) Pre applied smoothing / better curve resolution controls

4) Being able to export lights

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