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Global relink home story tickbox

Paul King
Often with imported multistory models, objects brought in are poorly if at all linked to correct home stories required for proper display in plans.
We need a way for all selected elements to be automatically re-homed to the story corresponding to the physical elevation of the element.

Elements spanning between stories could default to using the home story of the lowest point on the element, but set to display on all relevant stories.

Ability to create and store more specific & detailed global rehoming rules would be a supplementary wish - utilizing Find and Select criteria as the selection basis for each - and allowing several such rules to be applied simultaneously with a single re-homing filter. (for example walls that hang slightly below a floor level might be set so as not to map to the story below, meanwhile pergola beams or roofs (distinguished by object name or size etc) just below an upper floor level could be mapped to that story, so they appear in the associated floor plan
ArchiCAD 8-26
Octane Render Plugin for ArchiCAD
Twinmotion 2022
Windoze 11
Intel Core i9 10900K
Nvidia Gforce RTX 3080
32 Gb DDR3
2x4K 42" monitor extended desktop

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