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Guideline Permanence - stay until I delete

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PLEASE help!

I would like to be able to make a guideline stay on the screen without it disappearing until I delete it.

It is VERY VERY frustrating to make a guideline and only be able to move one thing to it...it would be way more efficient and quicker to draw if I didn't have to keep redrawing the guideline.

Maybe a right-click option to make it stay or a different short cut other than Q to make it stay. Perhaps you could just give us back a check box in User preferences that allows us to control how long they stay on.

Thank you.

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Draw a line. They stay in place until you delete them.

But you are right, there should be some way of making guidelines stick.

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I understand...and that is certainly a work-around...

- lines have to live on a layer
- lines live on a story
- you have to click and zoom out from the area you are focused to draw them long enough to be useful (unless there is a way to draw an infinite line...like in autocad)
- lines are hard to see when zoomed out at all...unless you are in display true-lineweight mode...which in my opinion is difficult to leave on while working

This concept exists and works in all Adobe products, AutoCAD, SketchUp...

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Yeah, I wasn't entirely serious, hence the . I don't think the guideline tool is very well thought through at all. Options to lock guidelines until you tell them to disappear would be handy. I'd also like them to stay as you go up / down a storey. Earlier versions (AC14? AC15?) seemed to be more logical to me. I struggle now with bisecting angles and relative guidelines, and often the "blob" appears right where you don't want it to be during general editing and drawing. I spend a lot of time chasing moving objects around my screen.

Not sure that I would want all guidelines to stay until deleted though, could get messy very quickly.

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I knew you were kidding.
My frustration at how long it takes to draw is just getting the best of me today. 🙂

I agree about the blob getting in the way and about chasing objects around. The blob moves to a different location each time you hover over a the same line too.

I was thinking that either the guides you choose to make orange would stay or you perhaps could right click and tell a specific selected guideline(s) to stay. Right now you can right click and get rid of a selected one...why not the opposite?

It would also be helpful to be able to use them in 3D.

(This comment will probably annoy tons of people in the Archicad community, but I feel like the designers of the program should use SketchUp for a day or two and then try to make it easier to edit a model in Archicad 3D. Locking to x,y,z axis! guidelines! etc...)

Barry Kelly
I think we would all like this so long as we have the choice to make them permanent or temporary.


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The guidelines should easily be toggled by a shortcut key - the capslock key comes to mind.
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Laszlo Nagy
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Good news.
Permanent Guide Lines are implemented in ARCHICAD 19.
These will be viewpoint-specific guide lines and guide circles that stay in that viewpoint until you specifically delete them. They will even be saved with the Project file so they will be available even in future AC-sessions.
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Great news!
Thank you Graphisoft!

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