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Hotlink interaction override by master layer

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I would like to be able to insert hotlinks for alternates... so no new layers. All elements placed on typ. layers as usual. Where alternate hotlinks overlap the wall interactions need to be controlled with the layer interaction settings... I.e. each alternate hotlink would have it's on master layer: A_hotlinks.bldg1 (alternate 1), A_hotlinks.bldg2 (alternate 2), etc... with the interactions set alternately 0,1 controlled by layer sets as usual. By setting the hotlink master layer to 0 and turning of the master layer, I had hoped they wouldn't interfere with each other, but currently they do...

This would also allow you to easily develop several building types in one file for a multi-bldg site as they so frequently have more in common than different... It is possible, of course to have multiple building files and hotlink in the common bits, but I find the fewer files, the easier the projects are to manage.

hotlink wishlist.JPG

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