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IFC / Revit Bim object converter so we can use them in our library


there are so many great BIM objects out there that I just can't use as there are only IFC or Revit versions. I can bring them in but they are dumb objects.  Is there or can we have a way adding these files to our windows and doors library?


Yeah, hopefully like there's an app that you will import the IFC file then it will magically save a new version that is native to Archicad, but in reality its not, there's a lot of data input that needs to be done in order for it not to be dumb objects. 😅

In the end what is your Objective?
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You can be as sarcastic as you like, but this is going to become a massive issue for Graphisoft if manufacturers aren;t producing objects in Archicad format.  Remember what happened to Betamax. A much better system but not adopted by the masses.


I cannot see anyway you could possibly make a convertor that would recode everything into workable GDL without some pretty decent AI. What would be more practical would be GS marketing themselves better,  rather than toying away in their corner, to encourage manufactures to produce native GDL libraries.




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It will still all go down to the manufacturer how detailed the info they put in to the IFC or RVT file.

In the end what is your Objective?
ArchiCAD 9 onwards

For an intermediate user :

Creating a parametric object in revit is easy , 

Creating a parametric object in Archicad is IMPOSSIBLE unless he learn GDL, we are architects, not coders, even if coding is easy ( like GDL users say ) there is no time to teach stuff GDL, create, test, modify an object code...

this subject is discussed million of times here, GDL is strong, parametric, smart, object size is small, but it's NOT USER FRIENDLY , 

Graphisoft should understand that an office can't invest to learn coding GDL to write objects for daily use, 

Architecture Ofices and products manufacturers can't hire a man just to just write objects, 

parametric objects are used daily in the architect workflow, they must be easily created, 

Graphisoft should move from GDL to another technology , a new way to design 2D and 3D objects easily , to use them in our daily work, 

markers, headers, story levels, zone stamps, 2D graphic symbols (depends on national standards / office graphic chart ) , Doors, windows, 

these technoology should be easily used bu manufacterers, 

GDL is strong , yes , but it will kill Archicad, for sure, 


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GDL is trig, it's the same thing you do every day just with words vs clicks. Also learning gdl gives you a much better understanding of how the program 

GDL is not impossible and is as easy as the program itself to learn..

If you can use properties and classification then gdl should be a breeze.

@SenecaDesignLLC Time is both art and money! When a firm rushes to submit a project to a client on time and on budget, there will be no way to use GDL. Let's come back down to earth.

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lol Im on earth and i use gdl every day. 

Its just as fast to create basic parametric objects as it is model them.

and once you get the hang of it, you can copy and paste a lot of code and generate objects even faster.

GDL is just a tool, you dont have to learn it but if you do you open up a whole new world of possibilities of what you can do with the program.

once you learn the tool, it turns time into money.  it might take time to get there sure but its not like any of us learned Archicad overnight either?  a little time here or there to learn GDL turns into faster completion and more detailed projects.

@SenecaDesignLLC Great! If so, I will need your help and need to keep in touch. Please email me, if possible, at martin@architechnie.design so that I can get your contact as well. 

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