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Improve BIMx Navigation for iPOD

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I have been using BIMx (Virtual Building Explorer) since it was created. The navigation for the MAC and PC are very intuitive. When instructing new clients I simply tell them to "steer with the mouse" and "move with the arrow keys". This creates a user experience that easily simulates walking around and through the new building design.

In my opinion a similar user experience has not yet been achieved with the BIMx App. I would like to see the BIMx App navigation more closely resemble that of the PC and MAC versions. Specifically I would like to be able to look where I want while I move through the model.

I would prefer to have swiping my finger move the view (like the mouse on a PC or MAC) while the joystick controls my movement (like the arrow keys on the PC).

This would enable clients to easily walk around the building while keeping their view on the building. This is achieved on the PC and MAC by holding the right or left arrow key while using the mouse to look at the building features.

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