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Improve Grasshopper-Archicad connection speed\stability.

more than 30 minutes from launching 16.000 objects from GH to Archicad get responsive with all objects created.
On the other direction, ACH->GH it was not possible to reference all created objects (16.000) back to Grasshopper.
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In general, I support.

However, I doubt it's technically possible to achieve this kind of performance.
This is the number of elements of medium sized space truss roof, nothing special...
By the other hand, when working in a computational Design context like in Grasshopper, those number of elements shouldn´t be treated as abnormal, in my opinion.
But even without leaving Archicad, the number of elements that potentially Archicad needs to manage with the new curtain-wall tool could easily be much higher than 16.000 elements...
I have the impression that the present GH Connection plugin performance is because some kind of "performance bug", so to say. But this is Just a supposition...
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