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Improved 2D Drawing Antialiasing

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Hi everyone!

So, recently I noticed that 2D Drawing Antialiasing does it's job very poorly in ArchiCAD. Instead of making the lines smooth and clear, it makes the whole drawing blurry and painful for eyes.

Here's a comparison between AutoCAD and ArchiCAD 2d Antialiasing. I've worked with both softwares and I can say Properly antialiased and smoothed drawings are much comfortable to work with. It would be a great option for those, who just migrated from one to another.
Katalin Borszeki
Hi Azbogah,
ArchiCAD can draw the content of its 2D windows in 2 ways:
- Hardware accelerated: in this case, the antialiasing is done by the videocard
- Software accelerated: the antialiasing is based on a different algorithm

The screenshot attached shows the hw accelerated case. The lines are too thin so antialiasing doesn't seem to produce good results, we get over smoothed edges here and there, depending on the angle. Thicker lines would be antialiased better, so that could be a workaround.
We have nevertheless added a wish to our wishlist,
Katalin Borszeki
Implementation Specialist
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