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Layer Combinations should be referenced by internal id

It's like this: you setup a View to use a certain Layer Combination, say "Structural". You later decide it's more expedient for your project to rename the layer combination, from "Structural" to "04 Structural", because in the listing of Layer Combinations, to the left of the Layer Settings window, the Layer Combinations are listed in alphabetical order by name, and you want "Structural" to appear fourth from the top, after "Surveyor", "Volumetrics" and "Architectural Plan".

So you rename as described above. Alas, your Views now don't know which Layer Combination they are supposed to use: they will now show for Layer Combination: "MISSING (Structural)".

Same goes for Model View Options: you rename them, they become disconnected from Views that had been using them.
Alex Zachopoulos

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Geoff Briggs
Good catch Alex. This should really be reported as a bug.
Geoff Briggs
I & I Design, Seattle, USA
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Karl Ottenstein
This bug has driven me insane for years... broken views result in errors, and redefining lots of them is a pain. It has been reported some time ago, but perhaps if lots of people vote 'essential' here (it is!), it will get addressed!

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Schedules also suffer from this .... rename any attribute (composite name, material etc) and ALL criteria using that attribute show up as MISSING. Yet elements that have the attributes assigned pick up the name change.

Weird. The Attribute ID is used (not the name) to assign attributes such as layer, fill, material, etc to elements whereas the name is used rather than the Attribute ID to assign attributes to 'views'.

makes perfect sense to me

Owen Sharp

Design Technology Manager
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