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Layer Window Wish - Searchable, and with Layer Description!

Quite often I go to the layers window to turn on a layer and I have to scroll up and down and up and down squinting my eyes trying to find the layer I'm looking for. It would be so nice to hit control+f and up pops a search bar where I type in "soffit" or whatever and it jumps to the layer that includes the word "soffit." Better yet add another column to the layers window that includes a "description" of the layer. There people can write a paragraph or long list of things that are included in that layer and whenever someone is wondering what goes on to a specific layer they can simply hit control+f and type in "trim" or "soffit" or "ceiling" or "refrigerator" and it will jump to highlighting that layer. CAD managers can then easily edit these "description" columns so that everyone in the firm is putting everything on the correct layers. Yeah!!!! Architect NY WI IL
Madison WI
Archicad21 MEP EcoDesSTAR Win10-64-bit
EliteBook8570W Corei7-3630QM@2.40GHz
QuadroK2000m RAM32 (2)250GBSSDs
4 Monitors Internet:4Up60Down