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Layers Description

I think it would be nice to have a description field in the Layers pallet. So if one hovered over or clicked on a layer, they could see an editable description of what goes on that layer. This is a way to help people working together put the same things on the same layers. It would also be nice if one could search this "description field." For example I may be wondering what layer "people objects" should go on. I could search the layers description for the word "people" and it would tell me which layers had the word "people" in their layer descriptions. Architect NY WI IL
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This must be moving up GS's to do list. With the push towards BIM, layer management has become increasingly complex to the point where finding the relevant layer can be difficult.

A more intelligent filter would be a good step but also a user friendly interface that makes a Uniclass 2* layer reference like Ee_25_10_25 mean something in the real world!

* More info here:
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Karl Ottenstein
I very much agree. We have a description field for every pen in every pen table - to help explain to users what a pen should be used for. We should similarly have a description field for layers, layer combos - and really every attribute - so that BIM managers can document the purpose for all users - and for themselves.

I'm surprised that so few folks have voted here.
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I've voted essential to this request. Having done so, it occurs to me that fulfilling this request necessitates adding a filed to the layers portion of the attributes database. If that's do-able, then why can't the field list be expanded to make one new field for an alphanumeric layer code (UNIFORMAT capable). In UNIFORMAT, the descriptor is descriptive. It doesn't use cryptic abbreviations. In this way, we would obtain another field to sort on and let the descriptor be something that is likewise data and therefore sortable.

If we get one extra field that would be great. And then, why not Subfields to deal with levels of detail, etc.
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