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Let Users Provide Instructive Content To Program Itself

I think there should be a pallet/menu/info box (it could be called an "advice box") that users could open that would provide helpful information throughout the process of working with ArchiCAD. I believe this helpful information could come from the users of the program itself. Just as when I hover over an element ArchiCAD shows a tiny "pop-up" describing that element, there could simultaneously be a longer "prose" description of many different things related to that element and how we can edit it etc. showing up in the "advice box." This info could be created by users while they are using ArchiCAD, and when ArchiCAD sends anonymous information back to Graphisoft it can include these additions to the "advice box" and those additions can be included in the next update. This is one concept of several that I have proposed in the past that lead to an "on the job training" form of teaching people how to use ArchiCAD. If the program teaches us best practices while we are using the program, people will master the program faster and help improve the program while using it along the way. Architect NY WI IL
Madison WI
Archicad21 MEP EcoDesSTAR Win10-64-bit
EliteBook8570W Corei7-3630QM@2.40GHz
QuadroK2000m RAM32 (2)250GBSSDs
4 Monitors Internet:4Up60Down

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