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Link this Marker to an available Detail or SECTION/ELEVATION

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It would be helpful if detail markers could link to Section/Elevations. I find that I have typical sections and elevations that I want to reference multiple times. Currently I have to cut the original section/elevation. Then I take a detail of it. And link similar section/elevations to the detail using the detail tool. It's workable, but very cumbersome.

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Yes I agree entirely. And at the same time make a detail marker that can look like a Section Marker with an arrow and line extension

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There is one. It is called the Detail Part Marker_NCS 10.

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Melisa wrote:
There is one. It is called the Detail Part Marker_NCS 10.
Looks like us poor Australians don't get this one. It's definitely not in our localised version of the Libraries.

Graphisoft Partner
Graphisoft Partner
It's a US only library part. NCS: National CAD Standard. PM me with your email address and I'll send it to you.


Huge problem and, oh such low hanging fruit to make this creaky old program better. But I would take it further than this poster. I want a symbol that can link/reference ANY placed view --be it plan, section, elevation, detail schedule, etc.

Heres a problem: How do you reference an enlarged bathroom plan? Sure, the bathroom shows up on your 1:96 main floor plan but you need to show the bathrooms separately at 1:24. The detail tool will do it but all of your scheduled library part labels (sinks, napkin dispensers, etc) will all evaporate because the detail tool turns everything to fills. GAWD

So how do you show and track enlarged plans?
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Here's what I do:
Place a detail marker for every enlarged plan that you need. Leave the detail generated absolutely EMPTY. Make views of them, and place them on sheets and attach a label to them. They will show as blank little boxes on your layouts.

Now go back to your plan and make a new view of your plans at 1/2" if that is what you need, with appropriate model view options. Also make a special layer combo for this enlarged plan that shows interior elevations of restrooms, section cuts for stairs, and any keynotes you may need.

Then go back to your layout book and place this new Enlarged Plan view on your sheet. Crop it for each enlarged plan that you need. Place each cropped view in the same grid with its corresponding independent detail.

The result... your enlarged plan detail markers reference the appropriate layout, but you get a better drawing on the sheet.

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