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Logical Layer combination changes

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- Logic of how layer combinations are changed. Import a survey dwg and all layers have to be turned on manually unless and new layer combination is created. There should be a merge or redefine button.

Most people agree that Graphisoft needs to give us some serious improvements to the file management side of things and that would include this. They are well overdue and I think it has to be in the next release ... stuff like an improved Attribute Manager have been sitting around for far far too long.

Fair enough they introduced a substantial amount of new/improved features in AC10 but i can't think of much else major on the modeling/documenting side of things that really needs to happen for AC11. Anything I can really wouldn't warrant a release on its own. File managament on the other hand is only becoming more and more difficult with all these added features and increasing project team size/complexity with to things such as Teamwork. Yet we are stuck with the management features of v7 or earlier.

It ain't gonna sell licenses though so i guess it will have to piggy back on something else that is all shiny and oooo-aaaah. Which will get all the resources. See where this is going?

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Maybe when we import a drawing we could assign or create a master layer which would allow us to turn all imported layers on and off instantly, like hot-linked mdules.

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