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MEP Pipework center line type

Eli Chiasson
I would like to be able to set, in MEP Modeling > MEP Systems, the Center Line Type to a Symbol line.

Currently the only line options are solid or dashed lines. Plumbing linetypes often use a symbol to denote the system (as in "-- - -- - SAN - -- - --" for Sanitary Drainage).

For now I must manually assign it to each segment of pipe, which removes it from the MEP System and is a tedious task.

2017-04-06 08_36_20-MEP Systems.png
Eli Chiasson
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Laszlo Nagy
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Community Admin
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You can use the line tool to draw the " -----SAN------", then copy & paste to new line attribute.
You can change the centreline to any symbol type in the Visualization tab on the part settings.

I picked this up and use it regularily.

For ductwork I set the ID as the trunk or branch name and the MEP Duct label will display the ID and the size. What is great is that when the duct or pipe size changes the label automatically updates. It saves tons of time rather than having to manually search and update the plan.
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