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Make the railing settigns more simple


May be this issue has been solved in AC 26 but I gess not.

Railing wiew settings (pens, hatch, materials, surfaces, etc.) take tooooooooo much time to select separatly for each part of the element, in 2d and 3d.

For managing material, I just created a building material called "railing" for which I choose color in each project, but that meens all the railings of one project appears tre same color.

But for managing pens, I need to go into each part, choose the apropriate pens separately for 2d and 3d, then close this part and do the the same in the other one, etc.

For that purpose and for more issues, I would love :

- A menu grouping the pen settings of the whole element (not just for plan wiews but also for sections and elevations) the same setting box for 2d and 3d pens.

- A tick option for choosing the same material for all parts.

- A tick option to force the railing stay horizontal at the selected level. (In situations without stairs, it's time loosing to check slope in section views...)

- Copy-paste tool for parts of the element into the element editor.

- "take and give properties" tool for parts inside the editor.

- And may be more.

It should be possible to correctly create a good railing with much less steps !

And please, don't create the future window tool so complicated as railing is !

Étienne - AC 24 - France


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Benjamin Dani



Thank you for describing this great idea!
I'm happy to say that it has been added to the wishlist under WISH-12640. 

I hope we see it implemented in the near future. 


Best regards,

Dani Benjamin
Technical Support Engineer